When you call Cadet Customer Service, you’re going to talk to a real person who has been professionally trained to answer your questions and provide amazing service. The links below may provide helpful information, but we also invite you to contact us.

First things first

When you contact us with a question or concern about your Cadet heater, it’s best to have your heater’s model number and manufacture date handy. Many heaters look alike but may have different watts and volts, so check these diagrams to see where the labels are located.

Wall heaters

You’ll find model numbers and manufacture dates for wall heaters on a small, clear label right on the heater assembly beneath the grill.

Baseboard heaters

Model numbers and manufacture dates for baseboard heaters are on a small, clear label near the junction box toward the left end of the heater.

No model number? No problem. Give us a call. We’re happy to help.

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