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Say goodbye to chilly mornings with our popular Com-Pak Bath electric wall heater. Set the built-in auto-timer to override the thermostat so you can warm your bathroom instantly.
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Ordering Information

Includes a built-in single pole thermostat and a 60-minute timer. The Com-Pak Bath Heater is not to be used with a wall thermostat. It fits pre-existing vertically mounted wall cans for the following models: C, CB, CM, CS, FX, X. These models work best at elevations under 10,000 feet. Complete unit available in white only.

Technical Information

The multi-volt option must be configured for the correct voltage before installing the heater. The multi-watt option must be configured for the desired wattage before installing the heater. UL safety standards require the heater to be placed a minimum distance of 6 inches (15.2 cm) from adjacent surfaces and 4-1/2 inches (11.4 cm) from the floor. Cadet recommends a 12-inch clearance from all surfaces for longer and cleaner performance. A 3 foot (91.44cm) minimum clearance is required for furniture or other objects placed directly in front of heater. Install vertically. This heater is not approved for horizontal or ceiling installation. Electric wall heaters work best when installed on an inside wall. We recommend installing heater assembly after walls are finished. Heater must be cleaned every six months minimum.



8"W x 10-1/4"H x 4"D

Wall Can

7-7/8"W x 11-1/2"H x 4"D


10"W x 12-5/8"H x 1/2"D

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