Why an Electronic Thermostat

Now’s the time to upgrade to an electronic thermostat

Themrostat Comparison

There’s a bit more to an electronic thermostat than a digital display. Electronic thermostats have digital sensors that make them much more accurate and responsive than conventional (or mechanical) thermostats. The temperature swings with electronic thermostats are much smaller, many are within 1 degree of the temperature you set on the thermostat.

Benefits of electronic thermostats:

1 Smaller
temp swings
2 More
3 Energy
4 Fewer heater
on/off cycles
Thermostat Swing

Areas above the dotted line show wasted energy, areas below the line show time your room is below your desired temperature.

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What our customers are saying:

“The payback is a no-brainer.”
-- Bob Youngman, November 2014

“I have never had to mess with it since I initially set it up. I love it and it work wonderfully.”
-- Jules764, April 2015

“We had two thermostats installed over a year ago in the large living areas of the house. ... Our overall electric bill been reduced by some 10 to 20 %.”
-- JayR, March 2015