Why a Wall Heater?

Cadet wall heaters use quiet fans to allow rapid heat up and energy efficient comfort for the room you’re in.

Here are 4 reasons to consider upgrading
your baseboard to a wall heater:

1 Takes up
less space
2 More
3 Rapid
4 Modern electric heating option





Explore the top-selling wall heaters:

Our most popular wall heater
Energy Plus
Use up to 30% less energy with automatically adjusting wattage and fan
Com-Pak Bath
Built-in thermostat and 60-minute auto-timer

What our customers are saying

“I took out my baseboard heaters and replaced them with fan forced cadet heaters. They are far more efficient, and the room heated a lot quicker.”
-- 99bears September 2015

“Over time I've been replacing all the 1980's baseboard units with Cadet wall units while my electricity bill continues to shrink. The variety of product offers affordable options for every room in the house”
-- fatoldmike April 2015

“Replaced 2 baseboard units (3500 watts total) with 2 Energy Plus wall units (3200 watts total). The heat now covers the entire room, we can set the furniture where we wanted to and the electrical bill went down.”
-- Haby July 2015