Frequently asked questions

Should I register my factory reconditioned heater?

Yes. Your product registration will allow you to use it a proof of purchase for an insurance loss (flood, fire, theft), maintain your purchase date on file to facilitate any warranty claim, and allow us to contact you with any product notifications. To register your Cadet product go to:

What is the warranty period on a factory reconditioned product?

For our complete return policy and also warranty information visit our Returns & Exchanges page

What’s the return policy for factory reconditioned heaters?

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, contact our Customer Service Department within 10 days of receiving your product to arrange a return. For reconditioned product returns, do not return your heater for minor aesthetic or visual imperfections, these are generally considered acceptable for reconditioned heaters. Click here for all the details of our return policy.

What's different about a "factory reconditioned" heater?

Factory Reconditioned heaters are available on our online Factory Store. They are in good-as-new-condition and are typically new products that have been returned by other customers. Some products may have minor aesthetic or visual imperfections, but they have undergone a thorough quality and safety check and include all parts and materials per the original item specifications. Also, all reconditioned heaters come with a 90 day warranty.

When will you have more factory reconditioned models in stock?

Inventory for our Factory Reconditioned heaters will vary and not all models are available as reconditioned. If you do not see the model you need, we do not currently have inventory, and we will not always know when we will have them available. Feel free to Contact Us and we will work with you on the best option for your situation.