Frequently asked questions

Do I need a line voltage or low voltage thermostat?

A line voltage thermostat is typically used with single-room heaters, such as electric wall heaters or electric baseboard heaters.

Low voltage thermostats are typically used to control central heating and cooling systems.

Please note! Only use a low voltage thermostat with a Cadet heater if:

  • The amperage load exceeds the rating of the line voltage thermostat, AND
  • It’s combined with a relay
Will the fluid in my SoftHeat heater freeze?

SoftHeat heaters use a non-toxic, non-hazardous circulating mineral oil that does not freeze.

Is the fluid inside a SoftHeat heater dangerous if it spills?

The liquid inside the SoftHeat heaters is a non-toxic, non-hazardous circulating heat transfer fluid. If the heater does leak—which is very unlikely—clean the spill with a mild soap and water mixture.

The fluid is non-toxic if it’s ingested in small amounts, but make sure that your friends, family, and pets stay away from the spill until it’s cleaned up.

What does dual rated mean?

A dual rated heater can be wired to either of the two voltage ratings listed on the product identification label. However, the wattage output will decrease with the lower voltage. For example: A 240/208 dual rated heater can be wired to either a 240-volt or a 208-volt supply. A 1500-watt fan heater will draw 1500 watts wired to 240 volt and 1125 watts (75% of 240 volt rating) wired to 208 volt.

Are 120- and 240-volt heaters compatible with both 120- and 240-volt circuits?

120-volt heater
Do not wire a 120-volt heater to a 240-volt circuit. The heater will try to deliver four times its rated wattage, causing it to overheat. This will permanently damage the heating element and also void the product warranty.

240-volt heater
We do not recommend wiring a 240-volt heater to a 120-volt circuit. The heater will be underpowered and will only receive 25% of the wattage it was designed to deliver.

Can I paint my heater surface?

Please don’t. Cadet uses a powder coat paint system that is electrostatically applied and baked on the surface. All Cadet heaters and accessories are listed by UL as manufactured, and shouldn’t be altered in any manner

Why does my heater smell when I first run it?

On initial start up, your heater may smell.  This is not dangerous, and is due to the manufacturing process.  It typically goes away after the heater runs for several hours.