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A new grill is a low cost option of improving the look of your Cadet heater.

Has your control knob disappeared? Find replacements here.

Grill discoloration can be caused by dirt or lint build-up in the heating element. Extra heat will occur in the area where the build-up is concentrated, resulting in grill discoloration. To avoid discoloration, clean the grill often and be sure your heater is clean.

For complete heater cleaning instructions visit our corporate website at

Replacement Parts & Accessories by Cadet Manufacturing

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Softheat Baseboard Mount Thermostat

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The EBKN series inbuilt thermostat for Cadet Softheat hydronic baseboards is the economical choice for controlling an EBHN heater at the unit. The EBKN easily installs onto the left end of the Softheat unit and is capable of switching up to 17 amps of a resistive load, at 208 or 240 VAC. Set point temperature range: 45 - 80F.

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